RIFT 3.5 Preview: Introducing the new Affinity system and PvP changes

Winter’s Wrath is on its way to Telara! Update 3.5 not only features a hail of changes to PvP, but it also welcomes a brand new set of benefits for our most loyal, vigilant Patrons. Read on to learn more about our new Affinity system and PvP upgrades.

Starting with the release of RIFT Update 3.5: Winter’s Wrath, Patrons will be rewarded simply for logging in to RIFT! Each daily login earns 5 Affinity points, with up to 3 additional points earned through playing RIFT that day. Points can be spent on a plethora of plentiful prizes, from optimal dream orbs to fantastic mounts for your favorite character!

One reward from the Affinity system you surely won’t want to miss is the new Tarken Lifter. Take one ride on this hovering platform of ice and you’ll instantly recognize its majesty (just don’t lick it with your tongue!) You might also want to check out the lush jungles of Dimension: Atia, or kick back and spend a reel good time with Stan’s Infra-cell Fishin’ Pole and have a better chance of getting that item you always wanted!

New and improved rewards for participating in PvP are a big part of Winter’s Wrath, with a new tier of gear earned via PvP. Warmonger’s Armor is earned through upgrading Frenetic Armor pieces with Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerator’s and Favor Infused Accelerators, giving those who earn this armor of renown a healthy upgrade in stats. Warmonger’s Weapons will be available through the RIFT store for favor, and are upgradable as well. When fully powered up, these fearsome blades gain a chance for a powerful effect that can turn the tide of battle!

Not only will there be new gear, but earning rewards in PvP will be even easier. We’ve streamlined PvP quests, reducing the number of wins required for Guns for Hire to seven, and the number of kills in Conquest by 10%.

Winter’s Wrath is coming, and this is just a small taste of the storm. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming days!