Daunting, difficult, and immensely rewarding, 20-player raids are where the Ascended and Blood Storm clash to decide the fate of the planes. Each is home to an enemy of unfathomable power: a dragon god in Hammerknell, two in Infernal Dawn. And each plays its role in the long arc of RIFT, shaping the world and opening the door to all that lies beyond.

  • Greenscale’s Blight

    Greenscale’s Blight

    Magical wards once sealed the doors to Greenscale’s prison, a sunken temple designed to forever still the raging dragon god of Life. They held until sabotaged by Prince Hylas and House Aelfwar, traitors who now rush to free the dragon’s bonds. Stopping Greenscale will require victory over legendary Elven warriors…and the great dragon himself.
  • Hammerknell Fortress

    Hammerknell Fortress

    Once a thriving underground city, Hammerknell is a ghastly haunt, its inhabitants massacred or scattered by dark spirits and minions from the Plane of Death. From the Library of the Runemasters to the resting place of Akylios himself, the delve hides secrets that could drown Telara in endless suffering.
  • Infernal Dawn

    Infernal Dawn

    Within the volcanic heart of Mount Carcera, Laethys and Maelforge hatch a plan to reduce Telara to glittering ash. Their army has just begun to take shape, but should it take flight, the whole world will burn. Brave the volcano, defeat its spirits of Fire and Earth, and slay two dragon gods before all is lost!
  • River of Souls

    River of Souls

    When Telarans die, their spirits are swept up in the comforting embrace of the Soulstream: a river of souls drifting on the border of the Plane of Death. Alsbeth the Discordant, an arch Necromancer, has found a way to rip heroes from the stream and bind them to her will. For the sake of the dead – and the living – she must be stopped.
  • Endless Eclipse

    Endless Eclipse

    In a fortress of flesh built from the long-suffering inhabitants of Dusken, generals of the Endless Court prepare to summon Regulos himself to Telara. Journey to the Plane of Death and face the ageless Destroyer of Worlds – triumph, and your story will be told for eons.
  • Frozen Tempest

    Frozen Tempest

    Battle into the heart of the Storm Legion's citadel for showdown with Crucia, Queen of Storms. The dragon of Air has raised an entire army of flesh and steel from the remote continent of Dusken to subdue all of Telara. Only Ascended can climb to the top of this fortress and thwart her chilling schemes!
  • Planebreaker Bastion

    Planebreaker Bastion

    Inyr’Kta has fled to Planebreaker Bastion, a war foundry at the heart of the Architect Empire within the Plane of Earth. There, protected by powerful thralls, she directs the construction of a doomsday automaton. Destroy Inyr’Kta and her towering construct before she can conquer the elemental planes … and our own.
  • The Infinity Gate

    The Infinity Gate

    As the Ascended rush to control the Infinity Gate, its ancient magic stirs to life and summons furious enemies from the planes beyond. Defeat Breaker X1, Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus, and a Karthan juggernaut to secure the gate and pave the way to Planebreaker Bastion.
  • Mount Sharax

    Mount Sharax

    Lead the ascent on a spire thrust beyond the threshold of the known – but prepare for a steep challenge. Mount Sharax is ruled by Ice Giants who have tired of their subservience to the gods, and their champions – and the Akvan they command – are the deadliest adversaries in the plane!
  • Tyrant’s Forge

    Tyrant’s Forge

    While fighting with Crucia’s Storm Legion still rages, Ascended have discovered the abyssal passage into the Tyrant's Forge. Cast aside the Yrlwalach and chase the Queen of Storms to the dire foundry where Legion technicians race to complete a new body for the Dragon of Air – a marvel of magic and steel that will give her dominion over the planes!


Slivers are 10-player raids into alternate realities where the Blood Storm won major victories and changed the fate of Telara. Though Slivers exist in different times and different dimensions, their inhabitants are quite real. Ascended raiders will leave with all their wounds – and loot – intact.

  • Drowned Halls

    Drowned Halls

    Telara has fallen to Akylios, god of Water, in a reality touched by madness. Worse, his lieutenant Hydriss masses her vicious and sadistic servants to invade our time. These would-be conquerors, armed with unfathomable weapons, threaten to drown our world in misery. Gather your allies and turn back their tide!
  • Gilded Prophecy

    Gilded Prophecy

    In a time not far removed, agents of the Golden Maw have captured an artifact capable of reviving Laethys. Stopping the Queen of Greed’s agents will not only save this timeline, it will reveal where the Ascended can find the same artifact hidden in the realm they call home.
  • Primeval Feast

    Primeval Feast

    In a version of Telara overgrown by the Plane of Life, a triumphant Greenscale has just been slain by Fae Lord Twyl. Crash Twyl’s victory celebration and – with help from an unlikely ally – vanquish the weather-warping lunatic for handsome rewards.
  • Rise of the Phoenix

    Rise of the Phoenix

    Jump through the eons to an Eth Empire under siege by powerful Dragonian forces. Living flames have swept across Stonefield, warping Eth sorcerers and turning High Priest Arakhurn into a raging phoenix. Stop his devastation before otherworldly calamity can spill through their planar gate and into this dimension.
  • Grim Awakening

    Grim Awakening

    In another Kingsward, Salvarola has taken his revenge on the Eternal City and the Awakened have made a pact to acquire the secrets to Ascension. Face the infernal might of their combined forces and end their threat to Telara.
  • Triumph of the Dragon Queen

    Triumph of the Dragon Queen

    In this frigid reality, Crucia triumphed over the Ascended and bent their greatest heroes to her iron will. Grand Falconer Zoles left the Abyssal Precipice and joined the Storm Queen's Army, and Cyril has been reduced to a mind-controlled thrall. Only you have the power to stop them!
  • The Rhen of Fate

    The Rhen of Fate

    Finric has turned toward evil, unleashing armies upon the Plane of Water in an alternate reality run amok. Assault Finric's headquarters in Viking Town and battle back his strongest warriors to keep this version of the planes from affecting your own!