Contest Announcement:    
World Environment Day    

gamigo AG (address: Behringstr. 16b, 22765 Hamburg, Germany), gamigo Publishing GmbH (address: Behringstr. 16b, 22765 Hamburg, Germany), gamigo US Inc. (Address: 2700 La Frontera Blvd. Ste. 300, Round Rock, TX 78681, United States of America).    

Participation Period:    
5/06/2024 until 12/06/2024 14:00 PM UTC   

-Participants are tasked to access the quiz link provided in both the announcement post and the #world-environment-day channel on Discord and answer as many questions correctly as possible.    

Three (3) participants will receive 3000 Credits each.    

Procedure of Determining Winner(s):    
-Will be raffled from the pool of the highest scoring participants, should the high-scoring participant pool be insufficient to determine enough winners, the next score pool will be raffled as well to complete the three (3) winners pool.    

Prize Notification:    
Winners will be notified through the Official RIFT Discord on 17/06/2024.  

Processed Personal Data:    
We process the following personal data:     
For all Participants, we process their account name to identify their participation, as well as Character Name, Shard and Region.    
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