RIFT 3.5 Winter’s Wrath Preview: Fae Yule


Winter’s Wrath is fast approaching – mark your calendar for December 9th and enjoy our new Affinity system and PvP enhancements ! The very next day, our Fae Yule Celebration launches in a flurry, running from December 10th through January 6th.

Instant Adventure
Atrophinious and Greatfather Frost have set out to return Fae Yule to a proper state of order and cheer, but they may have consumed just a wee bit too much mead to do it themselves. Lend a hand – throughout our Fae Yule event, queue up for an Instant Adventure in Iron Pine Peaks, and restore the holiday season to its rightful state. Somebody’s gotta do it!

Brand new Holiday Minion missions abound – just pick up the Minion Card: Grish from the store. Stop Grish from ruining Fae Yule, and bring a little love back to Telara! Great news: last year’s minion missions can also be completed in case you missed them in 2014 ( and yes, you can buy Minion Card: Rudy from the store to catch up!). Get working on your horde of minions without delay, as they poof once more at the end of Fae Yule!

Sparkle Quest
One of the most popular traditions of Fae Yule returns in a brand new form this year! Earn a piece of the most powerful gear in Telara (from the brand new Mind of Madness Raid ) by completing Expert Dungeons, winning Random Warfronts, looting the chest in Conquest, participating in experience giving Zone Events, or assorted daily and weekly quests. Heads-up to hoarding adventurers, last year’s Faelight Sparkles will dissolve and all NEW ones will be earned for this year’s quest – it’s well worth the effort!

Once you earn enough currency from these activities you’ll be able to purchase either a Sparkling Shard of Wonder (a random piece of gear for Healers or DPS) or Reinforced Sparkling Shard of Wonder (a random piece of gear for Tanks).

Choose wisely, this quest is only available once this Fae Yule!

Fae Yule Quests and Zone Events
Whether you’re sledding down the slopes (and killing a few Snowmen on the way), dreaming up gifts in the Plane of Water, or battling Yulelogon and his invaders, all the traditional quests for Fae Yule have returned this year. Earn currency, dimension items, companion pets, and more for completing these to afford all the Fae Yule presents your heart desires!

Dormant Fae Yule Gifts
Bonus gifts are always welcome, right? Right! For the duration of Fae Yule the final boss in level 65 Expert Dungeons will drop a Dormant Fae Yule Gift. Hang on to these mystery packages for 12 days to receive a dormant piece of gear from the first tier of raids in Nightmare Tide. When upgraded, they’re every bit as cool as those that drop in raids!
Achievements and Rewards

Of course it wouldn’t be Fae Yule without a bevy of achievements to attain or all sorts of fun rewards to earn. Between the Snow Ki Rin and Nightbringer Mounts, fun interactive items that will liven any party, and adorable companion pets to join you on your journeys, there is something for everyone in Fae Yule.

The star on top of this year’s Fae Yule tree is a set of necklacess that will make any Ascended blush with happiness. The extremely powerful Everfrost Gorgets start off as equivalent to gear from the first set of Nightmare Tide raids but are quickly upgradable to those found in Tier 2. These mighty torcs are available throughout the event in exchange for 2,300 Unique Snowflakes and 30 Dark Icicles or 2,100 Credits. Make sure to get yours before they are gone!

On the Store
Time to go shopping for the season! There’s always a ton of great stuff on the RIFT store during Fae Yule, and this year has some amazing new items. Hot from our artists fingertips fly new animated backpacks, the majestic Midnight Mink mount, Faeblight Sparkle weapon skins, and a couple of cute portrait badges to complete your holiday look.


Find a wooly scarf and get ready for Fae Yule and Winter’s Wrath, the holiday storm of fun approaches!