Save Big in RIFT With Special Black Friday Deals on Mounts and More!


Big savings are coming to Telara November 26th to 30th. Whether you’re missing a rare mount or dreaming of the RIFT Nightmare Tide packs, we’ve got deals for you!

Plenty of Pack Discounts
Whether you’re looking for one of the Nightmare Tide Collector’s Edition or looking to unlock the powers of one of our soul packs, you’ll be excited to hear they’ll be 50% off!

  • RIFT Nightmare Tide: Infusion Edition

    The Infusion Edition includes everything in the Typhoon Edition, along with an Instant level 60 character, an additional bag slot, and more!

  • RIFT Nightmare Tide: Typhoon Edition
    With Planewalker: Water, Earring slots on all your characters, and Manugo League Membership, this pack is a steal at 50% off!

  • RIFT Nightmare Tide: Ultimate Nightmare Edition
    The big daddy of all Nightmare Tide packs, the Ultimate Nightmare Edition includes something for everyone. Highlights include the Cobalt Thresher Mount, a special Nightmare Dimension, and an Abyssal Crab combat pet skin!

  • Storm Soul Pack
    Contains the tricky Tactician (Rogue), dramatic Defiler (Cleric), terrifying Tempest (Warrior), and haughty Harbinger (Mage) Souls.

  • Dream Soul Pack
    Arm yourself as a mighty Arbiter (Mage), heal your allies with the Liberator (Warrior) or Physician (Rogue), or empower your party with the Oracle (Cleric) Soul.

Mounts Galore on the Store
All Premium Mounts will be 25% off, making it easier than ever to afford that shiny new mount you have been waiting for. Everything from Armored Black Tigers to Stolen Eldritch Steeds will be on sale, and all Premium Mounts scale to the speed of your fastest Mount!

Flash Sales for the Flashiest Mounts
Rotating every 12 hours for the length of the sale, we’ll periodically exceptionally rare mounts in the store. Each mount will appear twice, but to find out what they are, you’ll need to log in to RIFT regularly during this event!

Chase down these deals before they disappear, at 11:59 PM Pacific on November 30th!