Rifts – tears in the fabric of reality – erupt where the elemental planes of existence collide with Telara. Each creates a doorway for invasion, a portal for otherworldly armies bent on conquest and destruction. Leading those armies are generals of the Blood Storm, mighty thralls of the dragon gods and sworn enemies of the Ascended. Leave too many Rifts unchecked, and entire zones can be overrun!

Nightmare Rifts

From Silverwood and Freemarch to Tarken Glacier, Nightmare Rifts are tearing across Telara, offering progressive challenges with literally no end of new horrors to spill into the world. As long as you continue to clear the rifts’ timed stages, new (and more difficult!) waves of invaders will appear. As you cleave and cast your way through wave after wave, you’ll rake in new loot, Achievements, chest drops, and access to higher-tier Nightmare Rifts.

Crafting Rifts

While you’re fighting through Tarken Glacier, stop to battle invaders from Planar Crafting Rifts to acquire coveted components hailing from the space between the planes. Recipes of unprecedented might await in these icy expanses where the spinning edge of the cosmos siphons rare and potent energies from the elemental realms themselves!

Expert and Raid Rifts

Raid Rifts are made for ten or more well-armed Ascended ready to battle waves of fearsome riftspawn in gauntlets of curse and claw. Each Raid Rift is led by mighty invaders that drop a chest full of treasures unique to their incursion.