Introducing River of Souls for RIFT Prime

Alsbeth has been scheming up something wicked. Ascended, you must stop her!

We are excited to introduce a new raid for RIFT Prime players to fight their way through. Introducing River of Souls! This classic, level 50 20-man raid continues the story on Prime and what was hinted at in our Grim Remembrance event.

The Soulstream

When Telarans or Planetouched die, their spirits are whisked away to the Soulstream. This place is a river of intertwining souls that drift along the border of the Plane of Death.

From the edge of the Plane of Death, Alsbeth the Discordant, has control of a device that grants her access to the Soulstream. She is now able to draw forth any soul she likes, returning the poor subject to Telara as a Deathtouched minion of Regulos. If the Endless Court keeps hold of the Soulstream, death will offer no rest to the peoples of Telara, and neither gods nor machines will have souls to draw upon for Ascension.

Besides having to worry about Alsbeth, legions of walking nightmares patrol the perimeter of the Soulstream. They are waiting to descend upon Telara. Alsbeth plucked two powerful souls from this bunch to protect her while she fishes for the most valuable souls in the river. The Ascended will have to fight their way through these undead minions, including foes they’ve faced before, and Regulos’ herald Gaurath.

All of Alsbeth’s schemes and betrayals have led to the River of Souls, and she will fight with every resource available to achieve her horrid goals of damning all of Telara.


Get out there and defeat Alsbeth once and for all! Do not let her corrupt the souls of the dead and bring about the end of Telara. It is time to prepare your friends and enter the River of Souls!

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