Prime Vigil Challenge IV Winners


RIFT Prime’s fourth Challenge ended on Friday, July 20, 2018. Now, find out who won!

Challenge IV

From June 20, 2018 – July 20, 2018, Telarians were encouraged to participate in up to three different Prime Vigil challenges for a chance to win unique titles. Learn more about Challenge IV here.

Planar Protector Winners

For the Planar Protector portion of Challenge IV, we asked players to fully seal 120 Rifts (20 Air Rifts, 20 Fire Rifts, 20 Water Rifts, 20 Earth Rifts, 20 Death Rifts, and 20 Life Rifts), in addition to claiming victory in at least 20 Zone Events. The only Telaran brave enough to do this was Sjofel, claiming the “Planar Proector” Prefix Title.

  • Sjofel

Primus Winners

This particular challenge asked players to win 30 Warfronts and gain 30,000 favor. Unfortunately, no one won the “Primus” prefix title.

  • No eligible winners.

Prime Artisan Winners

Last but not least was the Prime Artisan portion of Challenge IV. This challenge asked players to earn three Master Craftsman Marks. We received tons of participation here, so we awarded extra winners on this one. The prize for this was the “Prime Artisan” Prefix Title.

First 5 Prime Artisan Winners

  1. Aquilinh
  2. Murp
  3. Serenity
  4. Kinneth
  5. Nechi

5 Random Prime Artisan Winners

  1. Avatoonie
  2. Noseeum
  3. Jenetrix
  4. Okina
  5. Rad


Thank you so much to all the participants. Your prizes have already been delivered to you. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve been ironing out several hiccups on our end regarding prize distribution from previous challenges. All winners from previous challenges should now have their prizes. If you do not, please email us at And, please consider participating in our current Challenge V going on from now until August 24, 2018.

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