Has it been a while since you’ve seen the Rifts of Telara? Are you wondering how your character has changed since the last expansion? Watch the videos below or read up on what’s changed. Welcome Back!

Storm Legion (Nov. 2012)

Nightmare Tide (Oct. 2014)

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Storm Legion

Build Your Perfect Character

With the Storm Legion expansion, character level increased to 60 and opened up these new customization options:

  • Storm Soul Pack: The Storm Souls were initially included with purchase of the Storm Legion expansion, and are now available in the RIFT Store to expand your Callings’ repertoires.
    • Tempest (Warrior Soul): Tempests are ranged dreadnoughts, unleashing lightning bolts and energy blasts to cut down foes from long distance. Role: DPS.
    • Tactician (Rogue Soul): Natural gadgeteers, Tacticians wield diverse magitech cannons and enchanted engines that heal and aid allies in need. Role: Support.
    • Defiler (Cleric Soul): Defilers afflict their opponents with blights and rot, siphoning life to strengthen themselves and their party. Roles: Support/Healer.
    • Harbinger (Mage Soul): Wielding conjured blades and arcane defenses, the Harbinger spells doom for enemies in close combat. Role: DPS.
  • Planar Attunement: Keep increasing your power after you reach level cap! Expanded alternate advancement offers even more ways to customize your character. Press ‘N’ in-game to open up more possibilities.

Massive Dynamic Battles

  • Instant Adventure: Jump into battle instantly with other Telarans and earn world currency and other loot.
  • New Chronicles: These are single and duo instances that allow your character to take part in the deeper lore and face raid bosses. Just press ‘J’ in-game to see the latest additions.
  • Hunt Rifts: These grant notoriety with the Torvan Hunters, a source of essences, capes, and Dimension items.

Expanded World

  • Explore the lost continents of Brevane and Dusken, discovering new threats to Telara while you battle the might of the remaining Blood Storm dragons: Crucia and Regulos.
  • The continents of Dusken and Brevane more than tripled the size of the world.
  • Dimensions: Grab your own piece of Telara through player housing! Read all about Dimensions here or watch this video!


  • New Trade Skill – The Dream Weaver: Dream Weaving is about bringing players’ imaginations to life. As a Weaver, you’ll craft VFX, lighting, and special items for use in Dimensions. You’ll create elements like fire, water, motes, and smoke, powerful dream orbs to increase your power, plus object-free lighting and particle effects you can add anywhere (and to anything) you like in your favorite retreats.

Nightmare Tide

Build Your Perfect Character

With the Nightmare Tide expansion, character level increased to 65 and new avenues to power have been opened.

  • Mastery Abilities: Customize your character by selecting unique abilities from levels 61-65.
  • Dream Soul Pack: With the release of the Dream Souls (available on the RIFT Store), every Calling can fulfill every role in the world of Telara.
    • Arbiter (Mage Soul): Arcane tanks who torment enemies with storms and brush off their attacks with shields of ice. Role: Tank.
    • Liberator (Warrior Soul): Masterful raid healers who funnel restorative magic through magnetic fields. Role: Healer.
    • Physician (Rogue Soul): Alchemical archers who use ranged abilities to heal and shield friends in need. Role: Healer.
    • Oracle (Cleric Soul): Versatile casters who lift groups to triumph with a repertoire of boons, shields, heals, buffs, and curses. Role: Support.
  • New Calling – Primalist: For the first time ever, RIFT has added a new Calling (with 6 Souls). Moving between Cunning and Fury, Primalists of Telara battle the forces of destruction and channel powerful animal spirits in defense of their lands! Learn more here.
  • Wardrobe Improvements: A massive upgrade to our Wardrobe System will save the appearance of all of the items you acquire, and let you use them whenever you like! Learn all about it here.
  • Shared Vaults: We have added a shared Shard Bank Vault! It can be accessed from the regular bank merchant, and will appear as a new tab on the bank window. All of your characters on the shard that you play on can share items in this vault.

Expanded World

New continents, dungeons, Chronicles, raids – and so much more!

  • Plane of Water: Journey beyond the world and into a dreamlike plane where anything is possible. Explore three massive zones, plus new chronicles, slivers, dungeons, and raids, as you unlock the mysteries behind this oceanic realm.
  • New Zone – Planetouched Wilds: Although cursed by karma, these lands offer opportunity for adventure on an epic scale. Wander through the grasslands of the Cosmic Steppe, or visit the court in Shal Korva, always remembering that unexpected dangers lurk around every shadow!
  • New Chronicle – The Rhen of Fate: Wondering what would become of Finric had you never stepped foot in the planes? Relive the action of the first Nightmare Tide Sliver in a new 2-player Chronicle.
  • Nightmare Saga: A brand-new saga questline tells the story of Lord Arak and how he became the Lord of Nightmares, and concludes with Tier 1-quality raid weapons.
    Tiered Raids: Ascended can now select three different difficulty settings to earn more epic rewards from select raids and Chronicles.

Massive Dynamic Battles

  • Nightmare Rifts: From Silverwood and Freemarch to Tarken Glacier, Nightmare Rifts are tearing across Telara, offering progressive challenges that make these rifts fearsome indeed. But with more danger come greater rewards – and Nightmare Rifts are a source of the most epic of planar essences.
  • Intrepid Instant Adventure: Offering greater risks and greater rewards than our regular Instant Adventures, Intrepid Instant Adventure allows you to experience some of the greatest challenges Telara has to offer.


  • The Minion system is a resource-gathering minigame within RIFT. It’s themed as a card game: collect minion cards, then send your minions out on adventures. The more adventures your minions complete, the better they get at finding loot! Learn more here.


  • Planar Crafting: This new crafting susbsystem allows for the creation of new planar fishing poles, dimension items, and upgradeable equipment.
  • Gathering Skills: You can now level up your gathering skills on any node in the game, so no more travelling back to past adventure zones to get those skill-ups!
  • Crafting Rifts: Battle planar invaders in Tarken Glacier and Planetouched Wilds for a chance at extremely rare crafting loot and more! There’s a new Planar Crafting weekly quest available as well that you can open in Tarken Glacier.

Player vs. Player

  • Corpse Be Gone: You no longer need to loot corpses to receive rewards.
  • Unified Rewards: You no longer need separate gear for PVP!
  • New Warfront Mode – Assault on Bronze Tomb: Battle it out with the most dangerous enemies of all, other players! Your team is challenged to either loot or protect in this new Warfront Mode. Teams of mercenaries seek to control this tomb of the ancients, do you have what it takes?
  • New Warfront – Ghar Station Eyn: Put your competitive Manugo skills to the test as you enter the abandoned Ghar Station and fight for the secret of the deadly numbers.
  • Conquest: Join hundreds of players in as you take part in Epic 3 faction open world style battles!
  • Bolstering: In addition to boosting up your gear that is too low for PvP, Bolstering now also replaces any gear that is more powerful than what’s currently available in PvP. PvP no longer requires special gear, so jump into a new Warfront by pressing ‘K’ in-game.

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