RIFT 3.4 Preview: Planetouched Wilds

Planetouched Wilds

Soon, you’ll be able to explore the Planetouched Wilds for yourself – but a little foreknowledge goes a long way! Read on for a preview of these lands thought lost to time.


Cosmic Steppes

A vast, grass-swept plain welcomes you to the home of the Primalist, a great expanse pockmarked by the craterous footprints of the Cosmic Rinenahyracaros. Species of Earthtouched saurians known as the Khadluu thrive in its craters and fields, as do the vicious Baac, a collection of Bahmi who were corrupted by failed Ascensions.

Ovog Shrine

Center of Primalist philosophy, the Ovog Shrine acts as a sanctuary  for the acolytes of primalism. The inhabitants of the Ovog Shrine dedicate their time to contemplation of harmony (through cunning schemes and furious arguments), all from atop their giant ziggurat of power.


Rhaza’de Canyons

Once home to Rahn Chuluun, leader of the Bahmi refugees in Meridian, the Rhaza’de Canyons have become a hive of savagery and corruption. Their ravines hide the enormous Ascension machine that created the Baac along with a veritable army of undead who feed on karmic evil.


Shal Korva

The capital of the Planetouched Wilds, Shal Korva is also known as the kite city, so named for the many sky sails it flies to capture harmonious ancestral winds. Scaffolding encloses the ruins of an ancient keep that forms the base of the city, and Bahmi yurts sit wherever space allows. Here the Titan of the Wilds keeps his ever-expanding court and directs Bahmi activity throughout their lands.


Sky Fishery

Rising up from its cliff-side locale, the Sky Fishery provides essential sustenance to Bahmi throughout the Planetouched Wilds. Long lines hoist rigged hooks baited with Krillados, the aerial fodder for Sky Whales. Bahmi are not the only threat to the majestic Sky Whales – even intrepid adventurers would do well to avoid Sky Whale carcasses found beyond the limits of the village.


Towns Notable and Nefarious

Of course these landmarks aren’t the only places the inhabitants of the Planetouched Wilds congregate; there are many other localities to visit within!

  • Woe: A city of unsavory behavior and outright criminality – don’t linger long unless you’re willing to join in!
  • Jad: Fishers of the skies need a place to rest and relax in the off-season; Jad provides all the services they need.
  • Khort: Enveloped in constant storms, this city of mystics, duelists, apothecaries, and snakes weathers the wrath of the Shalistiri, their godlike ancestors.

Pack up your bags and strap on your boots. The Planetouched Wilds await!