Carnival of the Ascended has Arrived!


Get ready to PARTY, Ascended!

It’s time to celebrate our fifth Anniversary, and that means Carnival is live!

Here are the new additions to Carnival:

  • Carnival Instant Adventure: Boglings are running wild and terrorizing the citizens of Tempest Bay. Taking inspiration from some of the Ascended’s greatest enemies, many of these Boglings present a greater challenge than their humble origins might suggest. Battle it out to prevent their rebellion, lest Tempest Bay fall to these malicious malingerers.
  • Frogs and… Artifacts?!?! Everyone loves to gather shinies, but you have to be extra-dexterous when they’re half-artifact, half-frog. Catch these antsy amphibians to acquire all new artifact sets!
  • Battle in Shimmersand: 4 exciting new Story Raid Rifts allow you to face off against the most fearsome foes ever to threaten Telara including Maelforge, Laethys, and the Teth himself!
  • Minion Madness: A whole new Minion Adventure Chain awaits, with unique Minion rewards, starting with the Zephyr Minion Card from the RIFT Store.
  • …of course there’s more! We’ve got new Daily Quests, a new Story Quest Line, and more rewards than you can shake a stick at (like the gorgeous new Carnival Capes). It’s Carnival; you know you’re going to have fun!

Log on today and join in the party!