Ascended Souls DLC Now Available


Enjoy five new Souls, one for each Calling, with the Ascended Souls DLC!

Explore all new options with five exciting additions to your Soul arsenal!

  • Warchanter (Warrior): A healing soul equipped with enchanted commands to keep your target in the fight. Make your targets Stand Tall with a Bond of Brotherhood!
  • Runeshaper (Cleric): Crush your enemies with runes inscribed in pure magic, and empower your allies with Greater Runes with a variety of beneficial effects. The Runeshaper Soul is both a crushing damage dealer on its own, and a benefit to your allies!
  • Frostkeeper (Mage): This potent single target healer utilizes magical shielding around their allies to assist in all their endeavors. Picking the right shield for the right ally is half the challenge!
  • Maelstrom (Primalist): Fusing the powers of fire and water, a Maelstrom is capable of dealing enormous damage while staying at extreme distance. Learn to react to developments in fights to take the Maelstrom to the next level!
  • Shadeborn (Rogue): Cunning and deadly, the Shadeborn harnesses the powers of Death itself to battle multiple enemies simultaneously. With a Shadeborn at your back you don’t have to worry about splitting damage between multiple targets, you just have to worry about keeping them happy!

Get the Ascended Souls DLC today!