Flower Power


Trove crossover strikes again! We know that the Ascended enjoyed the challenge of earning Vox the Budgie and the Trovian Cloak in our sister game… so let us tempt you with another incredible offer.

(If you didn’t get Vox or the cloak before, scroll waaaaay to the bottom to find out how you can still nab them.)

This time around, you unlock the brand new Chloromancer class in Trove for FREE, by completing a quest in RIFT, or unlock a RIFT Dimension by playing Trove – talk about cross-pollination!

Trove is free to play, and awaits just a download from our Glyph client. Read up on the whacky world of Trove here, and be sure to log in on the same account you want your rewards on in RIFT!

Gaining the Peaceful Hills Dimension in RIFT
This garden project is as easy as a stroll through the Peaceful Hills – just reach level 5 on any class in Trove to automagically unlock this lovely dimension in RIFT!

Capturing the Trove Chloromancer

Log into RIFT and speak to Chloromancer Evort in Sanctum or Meridian. How is he in both places at once? Perhaps, like many plants, he has been cloned from root stock. Evort will offer you a quest appropriately entitled “Blocked.”
On a side note, if you are new to RIFT, you’ll need to complete the tutorial before you can pick up the quest.

The Trove Chloromancer is packed with leafy green fun, underscored with the violent power of nature that we all know and love from RIFT.

  • Trovian Chloromancer’s Main Attack (left mouse button)
    Cast bolts of natural magic that heal as they pass through friendly players and minions, but cause damage to enemies!

  • Phytobarrier (passive skill)
    When the Trove Chloromancer’s health drops below 50%, a shield manifests and absorbs damage based on a percentage of your maximum health.

  • Leafy Lasher (right click)
    Toss a plant that takes root and grows over time. Your main attack speeds up the growth. Once the plant has reached full power, it unleashes a whirlwind attack that damages and snares all nearby foes. The Chloromancer can have up to five leafy lashers active at one time.

  • Blooming Pollinator (special 1)
    Throw out a healing flower that can be empowered by your main attack. While it is growing, the flower heals nearby players, but when it reaches full growth, it erupts, damaging nearby enemies.

  • Sow Chaos (special 2)
    Spawn a seedling that hops around the Chloromancer, gleefully planting Lasher vines and healing flowers – both grow more quickly as you empower them. This ability is great for dealing with enemies in a larger area; it really brings the pain!

Waaaaait… did you mention a RIFT budgie and cloak earlier?

Yes we did, and both are still available to those who take on the challenge of Trove!

  • The Cloak from the Plane of Cubes is available to all RIFT players who reach level 10 on any Trove Class.
  • Vox the Budgie is made available to you in RIFT when you reach level 20 on any Trove class!