The RIFT Holiday Hoard of Specials


Winter officially rolls in this week and we want to share some warmth with all of our friends in RIFT. Here are all of our glorious specials, offered in the holiday spirit!

We recently upgraded Patron benefits to include the Affinity perks, and there has NEVER been a better time to join the ranks of players who enjoy incredible benefits in game. To make it even easier, we are offering bell-ringing discounts from December 22, 2015 8am UTC through January 5, 2016 7am UTC. Sign up and save!

3 Month Patron is normally $40.47, but only $34.99 during this sale!
6 Month Patron is regularly $71.94, and drops to $59.99!
Best of all, 12 months of Patron, usually $131.88, is at an incredible $99.99!

Let us do the math for you; that’s $11.66, $9.99 or $8.33 a month, respectively. COOL, right?! In case you play more than one of our Trion games, similar sales are offered across our other titles at the same time.

Patron status in RIFT gives you a TON of benefits:

• BRAND NEW Affinity Login Rewards
• 15% bonus to currency
• 40% XP boost
• 40% Notoriety gain
• 40% bonus tokens (Marks and Plaques)
• 40% boost to PvP XP and reputation gain
• Summon your Banker, Guild Banker and Trainer – anywhere
• Fast Pass allows you to teleport from anywhere, every 30 minutes
• Daily Artifact tracking ability
• 10% off all purchases made with Credits in the RIFT store
• 10% boost to mount speed
• Daily login reward
• Free Supply Crate every week
• Loyalty Program rewards
• AND MORE! No really, check out ALL the Patron perks here!

If you’ve put off buying RIFT packs in the past because you just couldn’t fit it into your budget, we’re here to help.

We are offering the following packs on sale at 50% off. That’s right, HALF PRICE!

• RIFT Typhoon Edition
• RIFT Infusion Edition
• RIFT Ultimate Nightmare Edition
• RIFT Dream Soul Pack
• RIFT Storm Soul Pack
• RIFT Power Pack

This hot, hot, hot pack sale runs from Tuesday, Dec 22nd at 10:00am PST until Monday, January 4th at 10:00am PST. Make a New Year’s resolution now NOT to miss it!

Don’t forget that you can get FREE Jolly Hellbugs just by topping up your credits in game!
The Jolly Hellbug pet comes with a $19.99 Credit Pack, and the Jolly Hellbug Mount comes along with a $99.99 credit pack. Such a deal! The Hellbug action ends on January 7th, so don’t delay!

Whew, ok, we’re finally done. It’s shaping up to be the coolest holiday ever, with the hottest deals!
Enjoy your adventures in RIFT and bring in the New Year with us.

The RIFT team