It’s a Fae Yule Wonder: Buy Credits, Get Jolly Hellbugs!


Happy Fae Yule, Ascended! Since you’ve all been so good this year, we asked some hearty Hellbugs to help us offer you something special for the holidays.

A tip from Great Father Frost:
Nothing is more welcome in the cold winter months than a Fire Rift. They will warm your heart like nothing else. But these bright accents to the landscape come with a fiery danger, Hellbugs. While many people spend a fortune to erradicate these alien pests, I have a more festive tactic. I’ve knitted a Fae Yule cap for each and every burning, bacteriological invader in the spirit of seasonal cheer. The Hellbugs may still try to bite your face off, but they’ll be smiling and humming a jolly Fae Yule tune while they do. Sometimes I really outdo myself. Seasons greetings everyone!

From now until January 7, you can get your very own festive Hellbug in RIFT by purchasing a Credit pack in-game!

  • Get a Jolly Hellbug Pet by purchasing a $19.99 Credit pack (or local equivalent) in-game.
  • Get a Jolly Hellbug Mount by purchasing a $99.99 Credit pack (or local equivalent) in-game.

These Hellbugs will be skittering home soon, so take advantage of this special in-game offer while you can!