Trion Games brings Extra Life to GaymerX!

Join the Trion staff for fun, games, and more at this year’s GaymerX from Dec 11-13, at the San Jose Convention Center! We’ll be celebrating diversity, discussing Team Trion’s plans for charity domination in Extra Life, and will be on the lookout for anyone who’s interested in joining the Trion Worlds staff!
Gaming for good is what Trion is all about, and we’re thrilled to be at GaymerX, in support of equal rights for all. We’re not there to sell you on our games. We’re not there for the press. We’re just there to hang out! We’ll play board games, talk gaming of all kinds and we may try to recruit you to join Team Trion in Extra Life!

There maaaaay be some giveaways involved if you sign up to join our Extra Life team – it’s easy, and it’s fun: all you have to do is use the power of gaming to raise money for Children’s Hospitals across the country – and you can pick the hospital you support! As of this writing, we’re well over $73k raised, and we hope to hit $100k by end of year.

If you sign up now or are already a Team Trion member, bring proof to show you’re with us and we’ll give you a sweet loot code for our newest game, Devilian!

Members of our hiring staff will also be on hand at the convention, so if you’re looking for a job please stop on by and grab a Trion staff member. You can get a head start on our open positions on our official careers page but bring your resume along even if your career is not currently listed, because we’d like to keep them on file as we grow!

Diversity and gaming for good – what more could you want?

See you there!

Your friends at Trion Worlds