Tremble Before The Dark Pantheon in The Mind of Madness Finale!


You’ve tested your mettle beyond the edge of space and time, through the twisting synapse forest of The Unknown, toppling the perverse Pillars of Justice, and conquering Envy in the Heart of Darkness – gateways all to the true horrors concealed within The Mind of Madness.

Now Lady Justice, The Enigma and the Dark Genesis lay in wait, threatening all existence. For every moment their power their ferocity remains untamed the Arisen Lord Arak grows ever more powerful!

Lady Justice: The Goddess of Reason and judgement. She brings order to the chaos of existence created by The Enigma, and maintains that which is not destroyed by the Dark Genesis. Trapped inside the vessel, her perceptions and ability to reason are clouded by the nightmare that engulfs her. All she can see is evil and disorder which must be eliminated, and in her warped state of mind, that includes you!

Enigma: He is the delver of secrets, a puzzle unto himself. He arises from chaos, driven in his perpetual quest to unearth the mysteries of all things. While he may not be inherently destructive, his lack of regard for those he considers lesser beings often leads to their demise.

Dark Genesis: At the Monolith of Ruin, the Dark Genesis conspires against order, plotting to bring destruction to Telara. Traverse the Monolith of Ruin and embrace the forces of preservation in order to destroy the Dark Genesis and put a halt to his dark dreams of power, before all of Telara falls before him!

Arisen Arak: Having discovered his true origin, Lord Arak was able to harness the power of The Enigma, Lady Justice, Lady Envy and even the Dark Genesis to transform himself into a being without equal! Being an Onir of divine origins, he simultaneously obtained immortality; for as long as the other deities remained under his control, imprisoned and sleeping, their dreams return him to existence no matter how many times he is destroyed!

The Arisen Lord Arak’s mere presence shatters reality, tearing through space and time to bring the eternal Nexus into the cosmos of Telara. However, he can only assume the powers of one of the trapped Deities at a time, and the quickest of Ascended may escape destruction by quickly aligning themselves to one or the other before Arak is able to incinerate them!

Go forth Ascended! Battle your way through the Mind of Madness and rescue Telara from the greatest threat it has ever faced!