The cities of Telara are alive with the din of trade. Roaring furnaces, whirring looms, and ringing anvils are telltale signs of Ascended making (and sometimes breaking) equipment, runes, potions, and more. Finding your place in the bustling economy is as easy as picking your craft(s): will you gather raw materials and sell to other Ascended, craft rare arms and armor, or a mix of both?

Gathering Skills

The world’s riches are yours to harvest, catch, pluck, and mine. Collect raw materials for the type of crafting you’d like to do, or focus solely on gathering and sell your finds for profit!

Recover and work with hides, leathers, meats, and more (and be popular with Outfitters and cooks).
Supports: Outfitter, Armorsmith, and Apothecary

Cast and reel from Silverwood to Seratos. The better your spot and lure, the better the catch!
Supports: Survival

The trade in herbs and lumber has never been richer – gather both, refine planks, and use or sell to the highest bidder.
Supports: Apothecary, Artificer, Weaponsmith

Harvest sparkling ore and gems used in the construction of armor, weapons, and magical devices.
Supports: Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Artificer

Crafting Skills

Whether smithing elemental power into a blade, weaving brilliance into a robe, or binding magic to runes and potions, you can use the fruits of your labor or sell them to finance even greater adventures.

Brew potions, philters, and vials – consumable items that have spell-like effects.
Suggested Callings: Any

Forge mighty defensive gear from chain and plate mail to protective shields.
Suggested Callings: Cleric, Warrior

Create both jewelry (magical necklaces and rings) as well as weapons for spell casters from staves to wands and tomes.
Suggested Callings: Cleric, Mage

Stitch cloth and leather armor plus bags and more. A popular option with Mages.
Suggested Callings: Mage, Rogue

Craft most types of weapons including one-handed and two-handed maces, swords, axes, daggers, bows, and guns.
Suggested Callings: Warrior, Rogue

Enhancement Skills

Take crafted items you or other players made and bring them to higher ground! Improve their potency thanks to runes, enchantments and orbs, whether you choose to keep them for advantage or trade them to fellow adventurers.

Deconstruct magical items and bind the energies you retrieve to stat-boosting runes.
Suggested Callings: Any

Craft keys for Dimensions plus water, sparkles, smoke, and object-free lighting and particle effects you can add to your favorite retreats, as well as rune items called Dream Orbs useable by all.
Suggested Callings: Any

Supplemental Skills

Do you value independence above all things in Ascended existence? Then Telara’s trainers can teach you extra skills (not counting towards your 3 Tradeskill limit!) from hunting for food to preparing dishes restoring life and mana or granting buffs!

Cook a range of foods for stat boosts and craft bedrolls/tents that provide rested experience for yourself and your party.
Suggested Callings: Any

Cast and reel from Silverwood to Seratos. The better your spot and lure, the better the catch!
Supports: Survival