Forged at the nexus of the elemental planes, Telara is a world of natural wonder with landscapes as varied as the elements themselves. Whether filled with wondrous creatures or haunted by terrifying dragon cults, each of its continents has a story to tell and epic adventures to uncover.


Mathosia is the primary continent of Telara. Ancient and glorious empires stretched across its realms, led by the steady rulers of the Mathosians, Eth, Dwarves, and Elves – until, that is, dark magic tore open rifts between Telara and the elemental planes. Mathosia has been irreparably fractured by rifts and planar invasions, but even in this torn state, it’s filled with no end of strange and beautiful wonders.

Ember Isle

Once the stronghold of the Kelari people, Ember Isle was abandoned when war with vengeful spirits from the Plane of Water threatened the survival of the elves. Now, Ember Isle is a mystical environment filled with ancient ruins and verdant jungles overhung by clouds of smoke billowing from the massive volcano at its core.

Brevane and Dusken

These long-lost Telaran islands were once forgotten to the peoples of Mathosia. Brevane, once home to the greatest civilization Telara has ever seen, is covered in ruins attesting to the scope and cost of humanity’s inventions. Dusken is more dangerous and far more sinister, a breeding ground for horrors born to serve Regulos, the dragon god of death.