Embarking on the landscapes of Telara, whether it’s your inaugural journey or a nostalgic return to cherished terrains, this guide will light the way and herald the beginnings of your grand RIFT adventure.

What server should I play on?

Selecting the right shard in Telara is your first step. Do you lean towards the action-packed PvP shard, where player-versus-player encounters are a possibility? Or does the PvE shard, offering you control over when to enter combat, sound more appealing?

As you journey, you’ll have the flexibility to hop between shards, whether to team up with friends or participate in world events. However, If you’re keen on joining a particular guild, you’ll need to be on their shard.

Consider your choices, but don’t worry too much; you can always transfer shards later on.

What faction should I play?

Choosing between the Guardians and Defiant in RIFT sets the tone for your early adventures. Guardians, with races like Mathosians, High Elves, and Dwarves, are divine champions driven by faith and valor to save Telara. On the other hand, the Defiants, encompassing Eth, Bahmi, and Kelari, leaning on technology and magic, forging their destiny in a world they believe the gods have overlooked.

Regardless of your choice, the auction house, guilds, raids, dungeons, and more, are cross-faction, ensuring a unified experience. So, pick a faction that speaks to your story preference and dive into the vibrant world of Telara!

Also, once you’re in-game, you’ll be able to change your character’s appearance to any race via the Barber shop located in Meridian & Sanctum.

What class should I play?

In RIFT, role boundaries are fluid, with each class able to fulfill tank, DPS, or healer. While you can choose from Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Cleric, or Primalist as your base class, the real depth lies in the souls. Each class offers a myriad of souls, and by blending three at a time, you create a unique spec tailored to your playstyle. Whether tanking with a spell-shielding Mage or healing as a nature-aligned Rogue, the versatility in Telara is unmatched. Dive in, experiment with combinations, and define your role!

Are there mounts?

Yes! Traverse the vast landscapes of Telara atop a myriad of mounts. From mechanical horses to mystical creatures, collecting these companions becomes its own rewarding journey. If you login between September 12 – September 26, you’ll be able to claim your mount and equip it from the moment you start the tutorial.

What’s Patron?

Patron is RIFT’s premium membership, offering exclusive perks and bonuses that enhance your experience. From bonus experience points to daily rewards, being a Patron adds another layer of depth to your Telara journey. By logging in between September 12 – September 26, you’ll be automatically granted 7 days of Patron.

I’m out of the tutorial; what’s next?

Congratulations on completing your initiation into Telara. Now, the real adventure begins! Dive into the story and see what awaits you in Telera. Once you hit level 10, you’ll be able to hit (,) on your keyboard and jump into an Instant Adventure, where you’ll team up with other adventurers to conquer threats & reap the rewards.

Still need help?

Join the community Discord or ask in-game, we’ll be happy to help! 😊