The RIFT Mentoring System allows you to scale down to a level lower than your own (while earning XP and rewards comparable to your natural level) and/or scale up to play with friends who are farther along in the game! With this feature, you can easily advance your character whether you’re playing with companions or jumping into the action alone.

How does Mentoring work?

Coming to the aid of less-seasoned Ascended couldn’t be easier. One click on your portrait lets you enter your desired level, or you can click on a group member’s portrait set your level to match – that’s it! If Instant Adventure is your game, don’t fear: any adventure group you join will automatically Mentor you down to an appropriate level when needed.

Earn XP & Rewards as a Mentor

Besides offering a new way to enjoy all the content you might have missed while leveling, mentoring will allow you to earn rewards and XP in line with your character’s max level.

  • Quests, Rifts, and mobs all give you XP comparable (but slightly less) to what you would earn at your natural level. This means you’ll keep earning levels or Planar Attunement even when you’re Mentoring.
  • Zone Events reward Sourcetone equivalent to your natural level.
  • Mentoring even gives an XP bonus when grouped with lower-level players!