Soul Tree

Each Soul is represented by a unique Soul Tree. As your character levels up, you earn Soul Points to spend on unique abilities and traits within your Soul Trees.

  • Branch Advancement
    To grant new skills to your character and open higher-tier abilities, spend Soul Points on your trees’ “branch” abilities.
  • Root Advancement
    You unlock new “root” skills for your character as you spend Soul Points on branch abilities. While Soul Tree branches represent the unique choices you make to customize your character, roots represent core powers of the soul that all players can access.

Changing Souls and Roles

When you’re ready to change equipped souls, visit your Calling trainer to reset your Soul Points, or simply activate another Role! Each Role allows you to save another combination of souls that you can switch to at will. You can see how many Roles you’ve unlocked in your Soul Tree panel and change Roles at any time, moving seamlessly from a damage-dealing Soul combination to your best healing setup on the fly.


When you create a new character, the game will present you with several Purposes, premade combinations of Souls that suggest paths for Soul Point spending. You are free to deviate from prebuilt Purposes whenever you have Soul Points to spend, and can always browse through Purpose basics, play styles, tips, difficulty ratings, and more via your Soul Tree panel.

Planar Attunement

Beginning at level 50, you can use Experience to unlock the power of the planes! As you acquire and spend Attunement points, you’ll unlock new abilities plus boosts to stats, resistances, riding speed, and more. Every bonus you unlock opens its adjacent hexes for purchase. Buy multiple ranks of the same bonus, or branch off into other powers. Specialize in one plane, generalize across a few, or unlock them all – the choice is yours!