RIFT’s Steam Summer Sale!

Hello, Ascended! 
The Steam Summer Sale has begun, and we have some refreshing goodies to help you enjoy the best possible summer ever in RIFT!
Starting today, enjoy incredible deals up to 75% discount for the following items:

☀️The Rising Storm Power Pack 
☀️Ascended Essentials Pack 
☀️Glory of the Ascended Pack 
☀️Laethys Indulgence Power Pack 
☀️1 Month Patron 
☀️12 Month Patron 
☀️Laethys Fortune Pack 
☀️Upgrade Bundle 
☀️Classic Collector’s Edition 
☀️Riftwalkers Essentials 

All items are available to buy discounted in-game.

But that’s not all, by simply logging in to RIFT you will receive free 7-days of Patron, now it’s the perfect time to dive straight into Telara with amazing benefits!
Make haste, dear Ascended, take advantage of these amazing deals and enjoy a refreshing RIFT summer! 
These deals will be available starting from June 27, 2024, 17 PM UTC and will end on July 11, 2024, 17 PM UTC. 
Your RIFT team.