Wild Mount Rampage!

Hello, Ascended! 
Get ready for a wild mount rampage! 
Enjoy amazing discounts on some of your favorite supply crates and get incredible mounts!

For a limited only, the following items are available at 25% discount
Planar Pounder Supply Crate 
Regulos Broodling Supply Crate 
Dark Levitation Supply Crate 
Harvest Levitation Supply Crate 
Gilded-Winged Courser Supply Crate 
Faelight Levitation Supply Crate 
Lovely Cappie Supply Crate 
Nightmare Apocalyse Snail Supply Crate 
Runic Carousel Ram Supply Crate 
Magical Broom Supply Crate 
Spectral Carriage Supply Crate 

The above items will be available from June 18, 2024, 8 AM UTC until June 25, 2024, 8 AM UTC. 
If you are instead looking to boost your inventory space or boost your RIFT experience, the following items might be just what you’re looking for, now available at a 25% discount
Transcendent Notoriety Vial 
Transcendent Experience Vial 
Transcendent Favor Vial 
Transcendent Prestige Vial 
Exceptional Crafting Skill Boost 
Trade Skill Extension 
Huntsman Bag 
Hex Imbued Satchel 
Amended Bag of the Tide 
Empyrean Knapsack 
Bag of Innumerable Pockets 
The above items will be available from June 18, 2024, 8 AM UTC until July 2, 2024, 8 AM UTC. 
Hurry Ascended, get these items before they leave the shelves! 
Your RIFT team.