Server Load Test: Fun, Events & More!

Dear Ascended,

Join us for 2 HOURS of EXCITING FUN, wild moments, and lots of activities on our Test Server for the SERVER LOAD TEST!

PARTY START: March 28, 2024, at 7 PM UTC ( 8 PM CET / 12 PM PDT)
Time: ~2 HOURS+
BOOSTS – 100% XP Boost on the Test Server and get ready for the final rush!


LEVEL UP! – Hop on SLT early and explore the Server to bump up your level! Meet us in Sanctum or Meridian for an instant level-up! Alternatively, drop your name on the official RIFT Discord in the #slt chat to receive a level up!

EASTER FUN – Find our Team for some Live Server GIVEAWAYS! Spot our CM in any of the Beginner zones and get a Live Server code! Awesome, right?

🎮 Quiz Challenge – Show off your RIFT knowledge. Can you answer the fastest? Meet us in Sanctum to compete in the quiz and win prizes!

😈 TOP THE LEADERBOARD – During the party, kill as many monsters as possible! Become part of the top 10 to receive 500 Credits on the LIVE SERVERS! Go get those kills, Ascended! Please note that leaderboards will be wiped prior to 7 PM UTC.

🔥 FIRESIDE CHAT – Need a break from the action? Just relax, do rifts, and join our fireside chat with our CMs. Every player’s effort counts during the Server Load Test.

⚔️ FINAL COUNTDOWN – Monster Spawn Event. We will unleash a slew of monsters to test your skills and the server’s power. Let’s conquer them together!

Get ready NOW! We suggest downloading everything early to be set for the big day.
All of our Community Managers are in the guild “Team gamigo”!

  1. Launch the Glyph Client on your device.
  2. Let the Glyph Client update completely.
  3. Go to “CLIENT GAMES” in the Glyph interface.
  4. Select Rift and click on it.
  5. Hit the settings icon next to the install button.
  6. Choose the SLT region in the settings dropdown and start installing.
  7. Finish the installation, based on your internet speed and system performance.
  8. Start Rift via the Glyph Client’s launch button.

Note: If you already have Rift installed for EU or NA, just switch to the SLT region, and click “Play.”

Every player will play a part in testing the Server for these 2 hours. Let us go wild, adventurers! Great rewards are waiting for those who join in!

You can play on the Test Server until March 29, 2024, at 9:30 UTC!