Wild Mount Rampage!

Hey there, Ascended!
Some mounts have gone on a wild rampage all over Telara, but worry not; we were able to calm them, and now they await a forever home—hopefully, one without wild rampages!

Embrace your wild side and acquire one of these wonderful mounts!

Pounce on your enemies with the Armored Black Tiger, the Armored White War Tiger, or the Black Riding Tiger. If these lovely big felines aren’t your style, try your hand at the ever-so-terrifying Regulos Broodling, with wings wide enough to cover the sun. Or perhaps the Infinity Walker is more your style, with long robotic legs to take you to great lengths with ease! But of course, let us not forget the Planar Pounder, one of the best companions for every miner, allowing you to mine from the comfort of your heated seat—mining is a breeze!

Don’t hesitate, Ascended; grab these cool mounts at a great discount while they last!

Please note: The mounts are available at up to a 70% discount. The Regulos Broodling, the Infinity Walker, and the Planar Pounder are available at a chance from their respective supply boxes, offered at a 50% discount.

This deal is available from January 30, 2024, 11 AM UTC, until February 6, 2024, 11 AM UTC.

Your RIFT Team.