RIFT Frosty Finds!

Hello, Ascended!
Get your warmest coat and woolly hat, we have some frosty finds that will take your breath away!

Embrace the frosty spirit with the Icebound Steel Bundle, filled with all the items required to become the knight of frost and ice. Be sure to complete this chilling set with the Ice Harpy Wings, setting a snowstorm off with a powerful wingbeat to set the icy stage—now available at a 25% discount.

If ice is not nice and warm is more your mojo, then grab the Warm Yule Bundle, complete with delicate yet comfortable fabric to keep you warm and protected through any harsh weather you may encounter—now available at a 25% discount.

But that is not all, we uncovered even more frosty items from below the snow, and we are sure you would like to lay your hands on some of these great frosty discoveries!

Check out all the items, now available at up to 50% discount!

Fallen Einherjar Bundle
Ice Strider
A sack of 10 Translocation Shards
A sack of 20 Translocation Shards
A sack of 30 Translocation Shards
Powdered Elaborate Bundle
Powdered Gothic Bundle
Tactician’s Bundle
Sentinel’s Bundle
Stalker’s Bundle

This deal is available from January 23, 2024 11 AM UTC until January 30, 2024 11 AM UTC.

These frosty deals will not last long, Ascended, grab them before the ice melts!

Your RIFT team!