Holiday shopping has begun!

Fae Yule has begun! Time to sled down the hill in Iron Pine Peaks,
have snowball fights, and help some lost Fae Yule revelers find their way to the celebration!
Let’s not forget drinking some Wassail and going round and round the beautiful trees!

The festive holiday shop is open for business as well.
We’ve updated the Home section of the shop with some lovely Fae Yule items!
Open up the shop and take a peek, you will see the
Animated Holiday Portrait, Fae Yule Bagling Supply Crate, Crystalline Wings, Fae Yule Formal Bundle, and the Snow Cape!

These beautiful holiday-tastic items are only here for a limited time however.
Don’t delay in grabbing the items you want, they will be gone before you know it!

Start: December 09, 2021 at 16h30 CET / 7:30am PST / 9:30am EST
End: December 16, 2021 at 16h30 CET / 7:30am PST / 9:30am EST

Happy Fae Yule Telarans!