EU Live Shard Merges – July 11, 2019

The EU server merge is rescheduled for July 11, 2019!

Greetings, Ascended!

The EU server merge will start on July 11, 2019 at 7 AM (PT)/ 9 AM (CT) / 4 PM (CEST) and the downtime may last up to 8 hours. For live updates, please check out our forum.

Shards to be merged:

  • Skelf (Hidden) / Refuge / Zaviel / Gelidra –> Typhiria

After it’s all been completed, the European cluster will consist of:

  • Bloodiron (PVP)
  • Brutwacht (German)
  • Brisesol (French)
  • Typhiria (English / xChat Host)
  • Cahail (Hidden Instance Host)

Good to know:

  • What happened with the previous shard merge attempts?
    • The past attempts to merge the shards failed due to unforeseen issues with the tool used. This tool, which had to be rewritten, was tested on our PTS. Huge Thank You! to everyone who took the time to test it!
  • Why is it happening during EU prime time?
    • The team that built the tool is located in the US, so it’s being done during a time where they could troubleshoot potential issues.
  • Considering the merge downtimes, will there be a compensation?
    • Yes! Compensation packs will be issued during the end of July or beginning of August.


Answers to your previous questions can be found here and there


Edit: It looks like we will need to extend the maintenance window for the EU shard merge by 1 hour.
Thanks for your patience!