Autumn Harvest: Extended

Update – Autumn Harvest is being extended an extra week and will now run through November 14, 2018!

Cool breezes and brightly colored leaves usher in Autumn Harvest starting today, October 18th! Wings, heads and tails. Tails? YES, we’ve introduced our very first tail item in RIFT!

Take a half dozen toxic spores from the Xarth Mire, mix in some devious beasties, swirl them together with toxic miasma and just like that, we’re ready for the season of spirits!

Claim Lady Glasya’s wings in the RIFT Store on Live or Prime! These pinions are loaded with dark power, and are served up in both cosmetic and mount versions in the pack, offering you flexibility in your pairings! This just in: you may also choose Lady Glasya’s TAIL from the pack, the very first tail item ever offered in RIFT!

Noxious Levitation will leave a cloud of poisonous ruin in your wake as you travel across Telara. They will be offered for Credits on Live and a consumable version for event currency on Prime.

We’ll have more images of the terrific new items next week and will feature them on the October 19th Livestream, where Autumn Harvest and Extra-Life share the stage! Please join Team Trion in supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help the wee ones who cannot help themselves! Even $5 helps more than you could imagine. Together with our Trion creators, we’ve raised almost $400,000 for Extra-Life over the past eight years… help us take it even further.


Lady Glasya is only too happy to share her wings with you this year! (Concept art)


AUTUMN HARVEST RUNS OCTOBER 18th through November 8th, 2018

We have some amazing new items for you to chase this year in our traditional Autumn Harvest festivities! This event is presented on both Live and Prime servers, and you begin your adventures in Meridian or Sanctum, as ever.



All of the below may be earned in game by the most dedicated of Autumnal celebrants:


Gruesome weapon skins:

  • Deathwalker’s Rimed Bulwark
  • Deathwalker’s Rimed Broadsword
  • Deathwalker’s Rimed Corseque
  • Deathwalker’s Rimed Stormcaller
  • Deathwalker’s Rimed Warbow
  • Top them off with the Noxious Rune for the complete effect!


Adorable, creepy companion pets:

  • Addy, a teensy mummified Aedraxulos
  • Tut-tut, a teeny mummy
  • Glinda, the Corgi Witch


The ghastliest backpack looks for the season:

  • Infernalist’s Vade Mecum
  • Lexicon of Bone


Wardrobe additions to haunt you:

  • Deathly Witch’s Hat
  • Frightening Jack-O-Lantern Mask
  • Orphiel Mask
  • Soul Reaper’s Cowl
  • Demonic Clown Mask
  • Demonic Nightmare Helm
  • Cyclopean Nightmare Helm
  • Primal Visage of Courage (Glowing Corgi Mask)


Dimension goods to suit the season!

  • Xarth Mire Dimension Key – what could be more in keeping with our soulful theme than a pestilence-ridden swamp?
  • Autumn Festival Dimension Items. A variety of unusual items hand-selected by Salvatrix from the darkest corners of the Comet to suit our theme! Do NOT attempt to eat the mushrooms… and watch out for the rat, bat and spiderling swarms!

Join us in the festivities on Live and Prime servers!

Remember, we’re keeping an EYE out for you!

See you there, in possibly the creepiest helm… ever. 

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