RIFTstream: The Ryan Show 09/14

Two Ryans. Two chairs. Two microphones. What will they talk about? What will they show? Who’s Driving? Tune in this Friday and find out!

Our big content drop this week is Primeval Feast, and that will be our main Livestream focus. One of the Ryans describes it as, “The world where Greenscale eats the Ascended, then the Fae eat Greenscale – it’s a hungry place!” Sounds like a great way to end the week!


Skins On Farm’s “Summer Hangover” wardrobe contest winners will be drawn on stream as well! Thank you Trion Creator @Seshatar for setting this up!  Each of the three winners will receive:

  • Free <Skins on Farm> lifetime membership for incl. 700+ weapon skins on EU
  • An accountwide Blue Surfboard mount
  • The new Eternal Armor Bundle (worth 3,000 Credits) – sponsored by the RIFT team
  • 30 days of Patron time – sponsored by the RIFT team


Ryan & Ryan will  also chat about Planar Disciples, the Maelforge Pack, BoS changes, and a few other tidbits!
We’ll take questions in advance, so post them here, but remember, these guys are Devs but not Producers, so we’ll have to trim down the question list accordingly, unless you want them to make things up.
Brasse will NOT allow Ryan and/or Ryan to make things up!


RIFT Livestream

Friday, September 14, 2018

11:30 AM Pacific (17:30 UTC)



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