Fires of Maelforge Power Pack

Two meeeeeeelion Loyalty points… yeah, we thought that’d catch your eye!

This is one of the best packs we have ever offered in RIFT. The hulking, menacing Maelforge Broodling Mount alone is worth it, but we also include a huge 40-slot bag (we know you need it!) and the Forgemaster’s Inferno Costume helm.
All for just $29.99!
Did we mention the 2,000,000* Loyalty points? Swoop in and level up your Loyalty Tier before this limited time sale ends!
Note: The Estrodian Wings – those creepy leathery flappers with demonic eyebooglers – are not included in this pack… but we know where you can get them: the RIFT In-game store, for 3,150 credits! This includes both the cosmetic and mount version of the wings!

We want to thank Trion Creator Celyne for the gorgeous image included above. She was as inspired by the Maelforge Power Pack as we hope you will be! Follow @ArtByCelyne on Twitter and be constantly amazed by the glorious game-inspired work she creates!


Here is the Maelforge Broodling mount and Inferno Helm in game:

*just to be clear, 30k Loyalty comes from the purchase of the pack, which contains a further 1,970,000 Loyalty – we like our nice, round numbers!

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