Vostigar Dimension Item Rollout!

[Master Dimensioneer Sparklynn Wolfsbane shared this incredible illustrated writeup of the Vostigar Peaks dimension item rollout. Mechs, rocks, plants and a whole new dimension to build out! This should “peak” your interest! Over to you, Sparklynn! ~Brasse]

Before I get to the spoilers, I just want to announce the new zone drops to Vostigar Peaks, that should already be live… some neat mech scraps that will give us a hand in building our own robotics… (pictured above)

I am excited to talk about the new dimension goodie box on the very near horizon, possibly as soon as Wednesday Feb 14th’s patch. What’s better than a box of chocolates?


THIS IS NOT REPLACING THE LANDQUARIUM BOX! The Landquarium box is purchasable for a while longer, it just won’t be the spotlighted premium mystery box. Hopefully we will get word when it is closer to its time.

Perhaps you realize that “peak” in the intro was a pun and not misspelling!

[Brasse note: The Mystery Boxes are the Dimensioneer’s version of a Supply Crate – use with caution, building out dimensions is an addicting RIFT career all on its own!]


The new Dimension key that you may gain from the Vostigar Peaks box is “Magician’s Tower. It starts with a 400 item count, so should be classified as large, able to expand to 2,800 items at tier 5!


The dimension items you can obtain from the box most definitely match.



The plants you may find within the box…

Hey, hold up, wait a second!? what am I going to do about all these new items taking up tons of bag space?

The solution lies in the coding of the items. Dev Tacitus took the time to code many items, individually, by hand, to be right-clickable to switch between forms. So one item might really have more versions within it. With the new Mystery Box, you can still get multiple drops of the same item within the same card (of the five cards you get within each Mystery Box).

For example, this particular tree has all the variations below within it. Look at how the tooltip changes from right-click to right-click, to see what I mean.

Now that doesn’t mean all of the trees will have 6 other variations within. Tacitus has said that all available assets have been coded in, and that some items simply don’t have all the variations.

In my opinion the trees are very lovely and will be fun to work with.

Does this mean more items will be right-clickable in the future? With how much work the coding takes, I really can’t say. I know for the number of options it presents within the same number of items, and how much less bag space it took versus Landquarium, I am GRATEFUL that this set of items had the variations option. I certainly hope for more in the future.



Much like the trees, the following rock styles are right clickable to produce their variations.

Another type of rock formation that this box brings forth are the standing stones, found once upon a time in Gloamwood….



Perhaps morphing a custom landscape isn’t quite your cup of tea?

Well, this box has more to deliver! Another subset of the box is the Storm Legion building modules, which in many cases are, again, right-clickable to change form. Some of the items will make eye catching floor details.

The box includes a handful of new dreamweaving crafting recipes…..

WAIT! Recipes? How could they??? TACITUS!!!! 
Well Dev does hold the power, after all, to eventually release the recipes in a form outside of the box…

Don’t forget about how poison bubbles and hay terrain were eventually released.

For now, you will have to start farming/running minions, and helping your friends out if you get the recipes.

Most of the recipes are fairly common and easy to get…. except the Burning Papers recipe!
So if you do get the Burning Papers, consider yourself blessed by the gods of Telara!

And I’ve saved the best reveal for last…. the new NPCS!

Now, a quick disclaimer… the big guys in the first pic are going to stay put- they will possibly shift between legs, but for the most part stationary. NOT RIGHT-CLICKABLE.

The smaller guys in the next picture can switch between stationary, snapped, and not snapped.

All items, including those from the crafting can be found on my Public Test Server dimension “Fun with Flags” (so named as it still has the affinity banners in it).

To access PTS, start by going to the character selection within NA/EU and click to transfer a toon. When that menu pops up, in the bottom right should be a choice to copy to PTS. Once your toon is copied over, exit out of game and go to your Glyph game launcher. The top right will have a dropdown where you can select PTS (rather than NA/EU).

Once you have it downloaded/patched, and have loaded PTS, teleport to the Plaza Portal in Tempest Bay and talk to the green dimension vendor guy standing nearby. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FOR CREDITS ON PTS!!! Save your credits for your home server on RIFT Live!

Hope you get what you want from the box!


~Sparklynn Wolfsbane

[Brasse: if you have any questions for Sparklynn and the other Dimension building wizards, please post them on this forum thread! The Dimensioneering crowd are among the most helpful and supportive groups you could ever hope for in RIFT!]

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