4.3 Crucia’s Claw is Here!

RIFT 4.3: Crucia's Claw

The latest chapter in RIFT’s Prophecy of Ahnket expansion is here! Battle Crucia’s fiercest generals in 4.3: Crucia’s Claw.

The Ascended must band together to fight off Crucia’s elite in order to turn the tide of war. If Crucia becomes too powerful, she will overthrow Ahnket and then set her sights on the Celestial Lands. You must stop her!

4.3 Crucia’s Claw Features:

For more information on what’s in 4.3 Crucia’s Claw, check out our announcement blog here. For a visual guide on the new features, watch our livestreams on Bastion of Steel and the Mystic Archer. Then, starting tomorrow, October 26, 2017, join us for Autumn Harvest! Happy Hunting, Ascended!

Chat with us about the 4.3 Crucia’s Claw game update on the forums here!

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