Introducing Bastion of Steel

Bastion of Steel T2 RIFT Raid

Crucia has amassed an army of powerful foes and is prepared to take on Ahnket. The Ascended must stop her in the upcoming Tier 2 raid, Bastion of Steel.

The Bastion of Steel is nestled deep within Vostigar Peaks, the newest overland zone revealed in the Celestial Lands from 4.2: Celestial Storm. It is located directly underneath Crucia’s Claw; the colossal spaceship Crucia used to bring her forces into the Celestial Lands. Beneath the towering ship, the Ascended must fight off her most fearsome generals to prevent her from gaining the upper hand in the fight against Ahnket.

This 10 man, Tier 2 raid is an arena-style fight where waves of formidable enemies barrage players. Groups must take care not to venture too far into the outer edges, while also avoiding certain ground areas. Players will need a minimum of 2400 Hit (full Tier 1 gear) in order to be successful in this raid.

There are a total of three generals that must be defeated: Azranel, Commander Isiel, and Titan X. Azranel is the first boss in Bastion of Steel. He is a mechanical construct that looks angelic, but will cut you without a moment’s hesitation. Commander Isiel is joined by the brawny Libritor Tank, Vindicator MK1. Players will have to take turns fighting them until they are both defeated. Last but not least is Crucia’s most powerful ally, who also happens to be a storm giant, Titan X. Tier 2 raid gear will be available for the first time in RIFT upon successful completion of the raid once it launches. The entire raid is available to play through on RIFT’s PTS shard.

Prepare yourself for battle on October 25 with RIFT’s next game update 4.3: Crucia’s Claw!

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