Get Your Rask in RIFT!

Unleash the Beast! Atlas Reactor is crossing over to celebrate RIFT’s 6th Anniversary with an adorable mini-Rask!

Well, we don’t know if adorable is quite the right word, but RIFT’s Rask pet is tiny and cute when compared to his big brother in Atlas Reactor! How can you get your hands on this slightly (ok, very) mutated kitty of doom?

All you need to do is hop over to Atlas Reactor and play 5 season levels! New players need to play 5 games, while existing players need to gain 5 levels in the current season.
Be sure you’re logged in to the account you want to receive your wee Rask on. Return to RIFT with your newfound knowledge of this alternate reality, and a mini-Rask will be waiting for you!

About Atlas Reactor

Imagine a chess game on steroids, set on fire and rolled in humor, and you’ll get the idea of this fast-paced, turn based team game. Atlas Reactor has been compared to many games, but it’s truly unique and boldly defies any standard definition!

You’ll play in teams of four high powered and widely varied characters, from the wily PuP to the quirky Quark, from zany Zuki to the mad powerhouse of Rask… whatever your gamestyle, we’ve got the freelancer for you: front line, dps or support!

Enter the arena and plan out your moves, while trying to predict what your opponents will do. You have 20 seconds to plot your course to glory in each turn, and believe us, that’s a lot shorter than it sounds! Then see how your best-laid strategies play out when all moves go off simultaneously.

Best of all, Atlas Reactor is completely Free to Play! Don’t be scared, the water’s fine, just fiiiiine! Here, read through this handy New Player Guide and enjoy your time in Atlas!

Atlas Reactor’s Dev Team streams every Friday at 2:30 PM PST, just before RIFT, on our Trion Worlds Twitch channel.
You can also catch the Atlas Reactor Community stream every Tuesday at noon, and the hosted streams on Wednesday, also starting at noon!
Bookmark our YouTube channel as well – there’s a wealth of information there, free for the watching!

It’s ALWAYS your turn in Atlas Reactor!


Meet Rask1

Here, kitty, kitty…. meeeow-WOW! Rask is a plasma-fueled beast who has evolved past the point of crazy! Evolution Solutions (EvoS) considers him their crowning achievement! Read more about him in his Freelancer dossier.

Better stock up on kitty litter… and plasma!


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