The release of 4.1 has been changed to March 29th, 2017!

We’re pretty excited with everything that is launching with RIFT’s upcoming update 4.1: Forged in Flame, and we hope you are as well!  In order to ensure we deliver the quality we’ve promised for Tartaric Depths and our Looking for Raid (LFR) feature, we’re going to invest a few more weeks of internal and PTS testing before we go live.  Due to our presence at PAX East and moving offices immediately afterwards, our next available window for an update of this size is March 29th, 2017.

This means we’ll also need to move Carnival of the Ascended as well, which we’re currently targeting for release on March 30th, 2017.

In the meantime, Tartaric Depths, Looking for Raid, as well as the new Eternal Weapon questlines are fully available for testing on our Public Test Server (PTS), and we appreciate your support of the testing process.  We’ll schedule some public tests with the Dev team a bit later in the month, so keep an eye out for those!

The RIFT Team

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