Time to spring into action with our fantastic rare mount sale and bonus weekend!

Spring makes us all a little crazy, and Archonix is caught up in the fever – he has just authorized a sale to celebrate it all!
This insane sale runs only from 5 PM PST on Wednesday, February 22nd through 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, February 26th – do NOT miss it!

All premium store mounts will be offered for 25% off the credit price! Yep, a full quarter off to allow you to fill your stable with all the mounts you’re missing.

Even more exciting, every 12 hours a previously released lock box mount will be available for direct purchase! There are four lock box mounts in total, each available for two 12 hour periods during the sale – you’ll want to set your alarm to log on for each rare ride!

⦁ 2/23: White Squirrelicorn: 12am – 12pm PST
⦁ 2/23: Arclight Lifter: 12pm – 12am PST
⦁ 2/24: Lovely Budgie: 12am – 12pm PST
⦁ 2/24: Obsidian Ki Rin: 12pm – 12am PST
⦁ 2/25: Arclight Lifter: 12am – 12pm PST
⦁ 2/25: White Squirrelicorn: 12pm – 12am PST
⦁ 2/26: Obsidian Ki Rin: 12am – 12pm PST
⦁ 2/26: Lovely Budgie: 12pm – 12am PST

But wait… there’s MORE!
We are running Spring Celebration Bonuses for the duration of the mount sale!
⦁ Double Experience/PA Exp
⦁ Double Guild XP
⦁ Double Prestige
⦁ Double Favor

Time to rearrange your weekend plans and order in pizza – you are not going to want to miss a minute of this event!


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