Join us over the holiday break and build a unique Fae Yule creation! We have prizes for all participants and some pretty sweet rewards for the winners! Even if you’ve never tried Dimensioneering, this is a great opportunity to explore your creative side!

On the Dec 16th RIFT Livestream, Brasse invited some experienced Dimensioneers (and one befuddled Elf) to strut their stuff and create sculptures, using nothing but snowman parts, in a mere 30 minutes!  We’ve included some of these builds in this article to show you what you can do with very limited time and limited components.

Now we’re giving YOU almost two weeks to create a RIFT Fae Yule SnoBuild! Take up the challenge!

Some may choose to build a sculptural scene, while others will stick with a single sculpture – make your Fae Yule SnoBuild YOUR way! The background will not be included in judging, so no need to build out your entire dimension.

Snowman parts are brand new for Fae Yule this year. You don’t have to include Snowman parts in your sculpture, but we wanted to give you some great inspiration with the screenshots here. There are six different body parts, four arm styles, four carrot nose styles and even coal for the eyes!

The Fae Yult Kit: Snowman is found on the RIFT Store in game, under “World Event. It contains 30 pieces, and is available for 600 Unique Snowflakes (Fae Yule event currency) or 315 Credits.


Every valid entry will receive a special Dimension Item Pack after the contest closes.

The top ten entrants will win a Fae Yule Levitation mount!

The Grand Prize winner will be selected from the top ten and will also win a year’s worth of RIFT Patron Status!




OFFICIAL RULES ARE LINKED HERE. The super-short, condensed version is below, but the much more detailed official rules are binding.

Dates: 12:01am PST Tuesday, December 20th, 2016, through 11:59pm PST, Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Build a Fae Yule sculpture or scene within your dimension, using any dimension parts you wish, but don’t lose sight of the theme. Make it as small or as elaborate as you like. With two weeks to do it in, we are sure you can come up with something incredible!


Please respond to THIS thread with your entry, consisting of up to four screenshots of your Fae Yule SnoBuild. One entry per account!

The builds will be judged after entries close.

The RIFT Team shall award each Entry a number of points based upon the following 100 point scale: 0-50 points for creativity; 0-25 points for originality; and 0-25 points for adherence to the guidelines.




To be eligible to enter the Contest, as of the time you submit your Entry, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age (minors may enter through their legal guardian); and
  • Have an active Trion Worlds account, a RIFT Forum account in good standing, Internet access, an email account and access to a personal computer; and
  • Not have won a prize in a contest from Trion within the last twelve (12) months (Livestream awards do not count, as those are not official contests); and
  • Open to residents worldwide excluding residents of: Quebec, Canada, Brazil and Italy (hey, we don’t make the rules!). Canadian residents will be required to answer an additional mathematical question in order to claim their prizes.

While we’re at it, I’d like to give a shoutout to two community-run contests also going on right now:

Fae Yule Dimension GIVEAWAY Challenge, hosted by Nouvae of The Dimension Gallery – Deadline December 29, 2016
“Radical Botanical” Garden Competition, hosted by Bella – Deadline January 29, 2017


Well now, it’s time to break out your toolkit and get building!






Ps. Thanks again to our all our Dec 16th Livestream builders: Kitasia, Feendish, Aeryle, Gwyndeth, Sparklynn, Audzilla and Wren!


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