FAE YULE IS HERE! Dec 15 – Jan 11


It’s finally time! Telara beckons with an amazing array of new items and features, along with all our traditional favorite events, Instant Adventure and Warfront! Join us again and celebrate the season, from December 15th, 2016 through January 11th, 2017!

We’re bringing back everything you love about Fae Yule, and a bunch of new features! Catch up on the Fae Yule preview stream here., when Tacitus, Gingers, Archonix and Brasse opened up the winter trove on the Dec 9th RIFT Livestream!

All the Fae Yule quests are back, as well as the Instant Adventure: Fae Yule In Iron Pine Peak and Warfront: A Very Fae Yule Whitefall!


Fae Yule Zone events are back as well – listen and watch for “There Arose Such A Clatter” and “Fae Yule Gifts” in various zones, as well as Fae Yule-themed Air Rifts. These will be especially fun for folks who are new to RIFT or are returning after a sojourn in other lands.


New items in the RIFT Store, available for Fae Yule currency or RIFT credits!

Festive Levitation – a distinctively colorful levitation mount at 160% speed, which leaves a trail of bright, shiny tinsel everywhere you go! We predict this will be the must-have accessory of the holiday party season! This jewel is available as a rare drop through the Festive Levitation Supply Crate.


Warm Yule Bundle – one of our most elegant winter wardrobe designs to date, fur-lined and flowing, available in matching male and female styles. Perfect for any wintry occasion!

Festive Feathers –The finely detailed feathers on these decorative wings really draws the eye! We know you all love wings, and spent extra time and care crafting these to give you more variety!

Fae Yule Bearded Cap – As a result of the #ladybeards campaign, Greatfather Frost has offered us all this charming unisex headgear. Both the beard and cap can be dyed! Dwarves buy it for fashion, others for warmth. Wear it proudly, ladies!


Speaking of stylish headwear, we decided to do another flip and are now offering the Yule Hat for women and Yule Hood for Men!

A crisp and cool array of winter-themed weapons are up on offer, along with runes to apply either tinsel or snow to your favorite adventuring tools! Be sure to browse through the fresh Yule stat items as well, they may hold the key to your success!


Baby Dragon Companion – Greenscale’s cutest, plumpiest, tiniest baby would never make it as a raid boss, but he is an adorable little pet! He strongly prefers sugarplums to munching on adventurers anyway.


Gift Box Companion Pet – Make every day Boxing Day! We’re not sure what kind of magic animated this festively wrapped gift, but it really, really likes you!

Subzero – A brand new dimension that lives up to its name! Plenty of room to design a glorious ice castle or cozy log cabin, skating rinks, yeti homelands… the icy sky’s the limit!

Dimension Items – Twinkling Lights and colorful characters abound. Also, this year we introduce snowmen! Note: some assembly required. We can hardly wait to see how you dress up your dimensions with these new items!

Jolly Hellbug Minion – This adorable little critter is an Assassination Attractor; we can almost hear the “slaybells” now! The Jolly Hellbug takes his job seriously: higher scoring results on the attracted missions award bonus amounts of Aventurine.

There is no new Fae Yule mission chain this year, but Fae Yule missions will appear randomly in the 4-hour mission deck! You don’t need to do anything special to trigger these, so enjoy!



Join us on our Twitch Channel this Friday, December 16th, for the live Dimensioneer Challenge, “Do You Want to Build A…?” We will soon run an open build screenshot challenge for all players on the forums as well, with some cool (get it? COOL!) prizes! Please watch the RIFT forums for details, coming SOON!

Tune in on Friday, December 23rd at 3:30pm PST for the Elfink & Dwarf Fae Yulestream, where Wren and Brasse argue, fuss and fight while traipsing through Fae Yule content! You can let us know which one is naughty or nice.