Autumn Harvest is Hauntingly Fun!


Frightful festivities have come to Telara, and will remain until November 3rd!

Portals to the Realm of Autumn Harvest are open! Plunder loot that the Fae have stolen throughout the year – but beware: Seasonal Rifts bring battle to Telara and Monster Mash returns to Black Garden, turning combatants into shambling horrors, werewolves, and worse.

Scraps the Necro Budgie
Fear has a new name: Scraps! Well… fearsomely cute might be a better way to describe this undead take on Telara’s favorite riding bird. Found in Limited Edition: Scraps the Necro Budgie Troves, this adorable riding revenant will appeal to Necromancer and Purifier alike!

Ghoulish Attire
Just what the doctor ordered! New this year, along with a variety of other costume components, is the Spattered Doctor’s Garb; what mad scientist would be caught dead without their favorite blood spattered surgical scrubs?

Minion Madness
Visit some of the most haunted locales throughout Telara this year, with a brand new Autumn Harvest Minion Chain. Purchase Valzor from the store to gain access to 21 new Story Missions, focused on visiting scary sites, and collect 3 new Minions along the way!

Ghastly Weapons
Every Ascended understands the value of keeping a sword or bow handy, although with the terrifying armament available this year you won’t want to keep them too close when you sleep! Hands and faces of the damned emerge from these weapons; are they reaching out for help or do they want to drag you into their personal hell?

Molten Ascendance – Truly Wicked Wings
While these wings might not be sturdy enough to actually lift an Ascended aloft, they will certainly make your enemies want to fly away! Thick, ropy tendons bind cruelly spiked phalanges into a menacing form to intimidate all your foes!

Log in today and enjoy a few treats; Autumn Harvest only comes once a year!