Arclight Ascendancy returns through March 9!


The Planar Research Institute proudly presents another Arclight Ascendancy event, which will take place in Telara from March 3 through March 9.

Traverse to Moonshade Highlands daily to participate in Arclight Time Trials; race an Arclight Rider to earn Enduring Sourcestone Batteries that you can use to get your very own Arclight Rider!

Want even more batteries? Complete the quest “Recharge and Refit” and battle it out with mechanical monstrosities to gather their intact power supplies – then hand those in for further rewards!

In addition to the normal Riders you can acquire by completing the PRI’s daily quests, you can also have an opportunity to vie for a Golden Arclight Rider by purchasing a Limited Edition: Golden Arclight Rider Trove.

These Arclight Riders are ready to roll!