Raid Preview: The Mind of Madness


Beyond the reaches of time, The Mind of Madness awaits! Read on to learn about the new tier of Raiding coming on November 4th!

The pursuit of Lord Arak has intensified as adventurous Telarans hound him from the icy wastes of Tarken Glacier to beyond the Cosmos itself. In the first half of The Mind of Madness, you’ll do battle against Arak, as well as other denizens of The Minds of Madness, in an attempt to foil their dark plans.

Part one of The Mind of Madness will contain 5 powerful enemies to battle in your attempts to defeat Lord Arak, but more danger awaits with part two of the raid coming in early December. Here are the enemies that will be heading your way soon.

This nightmare creation of Lord Arak first appeared as The Destroyer of Dreams in the Citadel of Insanity. Despite what he may seem to be, Pagura is, in fact, a master of curses and hexes, bestowing ill fortune upon players. Once Pagura’s curses stack up, beware.

Lord Arak
The wicked lord of nightmares, eternally fond of complex machinations, has devised a trap to destroy his foes. A devious mastermind who revels in watching his enemies squirm, Lord Arak has provided the players with tools that give them the illusion of hope (because what’s better than seeing hope destroyed?).

In The Unknown, Fauxmire awaits the Ascended and longs for his chance to devour those that enter his synapse forest. Day and night, the restless horrors from the forest will assault any adventurers who seek to confront their master.

Lady Envy
The Tenebrean goddess of greed and envy. Once a queen of her own cosmos, over time she has been laid low. Now she covets all things, but especially the gift of Ascended power. Those who face her for too long have been known to fall under her spell.

Misericorida and Vis
The Pillars of Justice. This duo acts as enforcers of Lady Justice, representing the law as a balance between enforcement and mercy. Misericordia is the merciful beholder who cares for the wounded and seeks true justice for crimes. Vis is the brutal sword who believes that those who are guilty deserve no quarter and must pay for their crimes at all costs. Those who dare face them must drive them apart first, but be wary of letting your own forces become unbalanced, or ruin awaits!

Gather your friends, sharpen your blades, and polish your shields: part one of The Mind of Madness is almost here!