Autumn Harvest Takes Wing!

Autumn Harvest Takes Wing!

Telara’s season of ghoulish tricks and treats returns now through November 11. Your favorite events from previous years are back – but this season has a few new frights of its own!

‘Tis the Season of Scares

Portals to the Realm of Autumn Harvest are open! Plunder loot that the Fae have stolen throughout the year – but beware: Seasonal Rifts bring the fight to Telara and Monster Mash returns to Black Garden, turning combatants into shambling horrors, werewolves, and worse.


Frightful Weapons

An assortment of awe inspiring armament appearances are available in Autumn Harvest! Collect all the variants of these weapons before they take flight!

Don a Costume

Frighten your friends with scary new signature masks. This year’s collection contains some classic looks, including a Skull that will haunt your dreams! In addition, you can pick up new backpacks that will have you very animated, and a set of bat wings that will be all the rage at Autumn Harvest parties.

Instant Terror

Gloamwood gets spookier when you visit it inside of our featured Instant Adventure! For the length of Autumn Harvest, you’ll encounter all new spooky bosses while roaming through Gloamwood. Will you be able to defeat them all?


Spun From Steel and Fear

A carriage fit for a demon queen, Spinderella is terrifyingly eye catching! Sit within a delicate web of steel on top of eight terrifying mechanical legs. Get one before the Lock Box disappears after Harvest’s end!

If you didn’t manage to pick up an Armored Nightmare last year then you’re in luck! The Ironclad Nightmare shares the same appearance and is available for Autumn Harvest Signets or Credits. This foreboding steed scales to the speed of your fastest mount, and is available to unlock on a single character.


New Minions & Adventures

Who loves Autumn Harvest most of all? Taskmaster Atrophinious – and he’s got a mission for you! Along the way, you might even run into other new, seasonal Minions: Qu’ella the Wretched, The Nightstalker, The Hag of Gloamwood, and more.

To get this party started, we’ve got a fearsomely fun special: with your first purchase of a $49.99 credit pack in game (or the local equivalent), you’ll receive 5 Limited Edition: Spinderella Troves! Don’t wait long: this deal only lasts through Tuesday, October 27!