Celestial Storm Contest

Summerfest is in full swing, as is all the adventure of 4.2 Celestial Storm. With new quests, a new overland zone, and a Telaran-ton of fun, what more could you ask for? How about some free stuff?


4.2 Celestial Storm is Here!

4.2 Celestial Storm Launch Header

The next exciting chapter of RIFT’s Prophecy of Ankhet is here! A war arises between Crucia and Ankhet in 4.2: Celestial Storm. These powerful femme fatales are hell-bent on domination and destruction of the Celestial Lands and you, Ascended, must stop them!


Delaying 4.2 Celestial Storm Until 7/20

Hello all!

The team is hard at work getting Celestial Storm ready for the Live servers and we need just a little more time to get the build to the level we want.
We are going to aim for Thursday, July 20th as our publish date. Summerfest will follow shortly after, with a tentative date of Friday, July 21st.
Enjoy one more day of 100% bonus on everything in game as we get things locked and loaded here!

  • Experience
  • Planar Attunement Experience
  • Guild Experience
  • Prestige
  • Favor
  • Planarite

Thank you for your patience as we make the Update and Summerfest the best they can be! We will update you with exact times and any changes as they occur.

~The RIFT Team

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RIFTStream July 14 Recap – Celestial Storm & Vostigar Peaks

July 14 RIFTStream Recap Header

On Friday, July 14, the RIFT dev team took players to the future to visit 4.2: Celestial Storm. They then later brought in the art team to show off an in-depth look at the new zone, Vostigar and go through the creative process in bringing this area to life. Re-watch them and learn the secrets of the devs so that you can be prepared for the launch of RIFT’s next game update, 4.2: Celestial Storm!

4.2: Celestial Storm Dev Q&A

Our host, Linda “Brasse” Carlson (Director of Community Relations) was joined by Chris “Keyens” Meyer (Systems Designer), Christopher “Archonix” Junior (Game Director, RIFT), and Simon “DeadSimon” Ffinch (Sr. Design Director) to go over the new features of Celestial Storm, including two new mounts, new lockbox mechanics and rewards, new creatures, new story, and more. Also meet the brand-new Communtiy Manager, Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges with special guest Nicholas “Captain Cursor” McDowell.

Vostigar ArtStream!

Brasse returned to interview Justin Stearns (Environment Artist) and Mike Chang (Senior Environment Artist) from the RIFT art team to explain the creative process and design elements behind the new zone in Celestial Storm, Vostigar Peaks. They completed the stream with an in-game run-through of the new overland zone in all its colorful glory. Once again, special guest Captain Cursor joined them to help explain some of the lore in the zone as it related to the new artwork.

We’ll be back for more fun on Friday, July 21, 2017. Stay tuned to learn who our guests will be and what we’re going to show off. Until next time, Ascended!