Important notice in regard to NA shards

Hello, Ascended, 
we would like to share some important news regarding the shards Seastone, Faeblight and Hailol following our initial shard closure announcement
Starting today, the shards previously closed will become available to transfer characters to active shards until December 10, 2024. 
Which shards are becoming available, and can I play on them? 
The NA Shards Seastone, Faeblight and Hailol are becoming available, but you will not be able to play on them, only transferring will be available during this transfer period. 
Which shards can I transfer to? 
The available destination shards are Deepwood, Wolfsbane, Greybriar and Laethys. 
How do I transfer? 
Transferring is simple:  
1. Log in with the Glyph account, where your characters are located. 
2. Select and open the shard where your characters are found. 
3. Select the character you wish to Transfer. 
4. Click on “Transfer”. 
5. Select any of the 4 available shards and confirm. 
6. Your character will now be on an active shard and will be playable again. 

We are aware that characters that have mails on their character cannot transfer. Therefore, please reach out per ticket.
How long do I have to transfer? 
The period to transfer from Seastone, Faeblight and Hailol is six months (until December 10, 2024). 
We advise all players to move as soon as possible before the transfer period concludes
Your RIFT team.