Corgi Month: Unleash the Joy!

Hello, Ascended!
Bark bark, bark! Woof!! – Glinda, the Corgi.

That’s right! It is International Corgi Day today, and we can’t be celebrating these cutesy adorable Corgis for just one day, right? That is why we are unleashing the corgi joy across Telara with Corgi Month!

Take part in several fun events for a chance to win amazing rewards and celebrate our adorable Corgi companions!

Corgi Hunt!
Bark? B-bark?? – Radar, the Corgi.

WHAT? That is not what Corgi Hunt is!
Taking part in the Great Corgi Hunt is all about finding the absolutely adorable Corgis hidden in the pictures scattered all across RIFT’s social media for a chance to receive amazing rewards!

So, how do I participate, you ask?
It’s simple, starting today until June 30, keep your eyes peeled for as many corgis as you can across our social media platforms (RIFT’s Official Website, Discord, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter) and Steam)! Once you have confirmed the location of all Corgis, enter your answer in this form and any required information and you might be one of the three lucky winners to receive 3000 Credits!

Please note: The form will become available on June 30, 2024, at 2PM UTC.
Further, every corgi in pictures from June 4, 2024, until June 30, 2024, at 1.59PM UTC counts, EXCEPT the corgis in the Corgi Month pictures.

The Best Companion!
Woof, woof! Bark!! – Bee Bee, the Corgi.

We totally agree that Corgis do make great companions, but other companions should also be celebrated! Our pets hold incredible significance to all of us, so we ask you, dear Ascended, to show us your favorite companion!

Participating is simple!
To join, simply log in to RIFT, select your favorite companion, take a screenshot of your character with the companion, and post it in the #best-companion channel on RIFT’s Official Discord server, include your character name, shard and region and you are set to be one of the three winners to receive 3000 Credits each!

Winners for both the Corgi Hunt and The Best Companion competitions will be revealed on July 8, 2024.

General Terms of Participation apply.
Detailed Information.

Let’s get the Corgi love started, dear Ascended!

Your RIFT team.