Dungeon Dash: The Great Race!

Hello, Ascended!
Are you ready for some excitement? We hope you are because the first instalment of Dungeon Dash is here, get your best gear ready and sprint to the dungeon’s finish line to win awesome prizes!

How do I participate?

Participating in the Dungeon Dash competition is simple:

  1. Get the strongest character you can get your hands on, with no level restrictions.
  2. Enter any dungeon and complete it to receive 1 point of participation.
  3. Repeat step 2 to get more points and get as many points as you can.

What about rewards?

We thought you would never ask, worry not, we have great treasure for you to take should you land any of these spots on the podium!

1st place will be awarded 7500 Credits
2nd place will be awarded 5000 Credits
3rd place will be awarded 2500 Credits
4th to 10th place will be awarded 750 Credits each

Dungeon Dash will be running until May 10, 2024, 21:59 UTC and winners will be revealed May 17, 2024!

General Terms of Participation Apply.
Detailed Information.

It’s time to sprint to the races, dear Ascended, and remember, speed is key!
Best of luck!

Your RIFT team.