An inventory fit for a hero!

Hello, Ascended!
Have you ever encountered the inconvenience of limited inventory space just when you stumble upon that elusive piece of rare loot? Fear not, for we bring forth the precise solution you’ve been seeking!

For a limited duration, avail yourself of these exceptional bag slot items at a remarkable 25% discount, granting you the inventory expansiveness you rightfully deserve:

Huntsman Bag
Hex Imbued Satchel
Amended Bag of the Tide
Empyrean Knapsack
Bag of Innumerable Pockets

Furthermore, explore these splendid items tailored to enhance the caliber of your forthcoming RIFT escapades, also obtainable at a 25% markdown:

Ascended’s Call
A sack of 10 Translocation Shards
A sack of 20 Translocation Shards
A sack of 30 Translocation Shards
Brevanic Portal Battery
Brevanic Portal Generator
Planar Essence Removal Device
Rune Unsocketing Apparatus

This offer is available from March 12, 2024, 11 AM UTC until March 19, 2024, 11 AM UTC.

Do not miss out on these remarkable deals, dear Ascended, and equip yourself with an inventory befitting a true hero!

Your RIFT team.