20% Credit Bonus!

20% Credit Bonus!

Hello there, Ascended!
Ever felt like that one item in the store is just ever so slightly out of reach or you just wanted more bang for your buck when buying those delectable Transcendent Vials? If your answer was yes to either of these, then we have exactly what you are looking for!

For a limited time only, get 20% more credits when purchasing credit packs and get closer to your goals!

Please Note:

  • The Bonus Credits are available both from the Glyph webstore and in-game.
  • Steam players are eligible for the bonus only when purchasing credits in-game.
  • When purchasing credits in-game, the bonus may not show, but the correct amount will be granted.

This bonus is available from February 13, 2024, 1 PM UTC until February 20, 2024, 1 PM UTC.

Don’t wait too long, Ascended, grab your extra credits now before they are gone!

Your RIFT team.